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Pixie™ Motion Light

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Can Pixie actually add love to your home?

Pixie turns on when you simply walk by!

Sometimes, a light can be TOO bright, especially during late night bathroom runs, or when you just wake up. 

Or there could be some places in your home that needs extra light, maybe stairs, hallways, or closets when you choose your fit for the day!

Pixie is always there for you; lights up when you arrive, and doesn't waste electricity after you leave. 

The answer to the question: YES, and it's agreed upon by 97.4% of our customers!

Lighting Your Path, As You Walk

  • No switches, no wires, no batteries. This means Pixie can be installed virtually anywhere!

  • Only activates when it's dark enough for light to be needed.

  • It turns off after 15 seconds of stillness for energy preservation, while using the newest LED technology for power efficiency: 3 months of usage on just one charge.

  • Magnet installation!



Package Includes: Pixie Motion Light x1, Charger for Light x1, The Magnet x1

Motion Light Dimensions: 3.2 (Diameter) x 0.9 (Height) inches


Lumens: 15-25

Color Temperature: 4000K / 6000K (Depending on Color Mode)

Industrial-Leading LED technology for Maximum Brightness and highest Energy Conservation

Power Source: Battery Charged with USB (2 Hour Charge, Lasting 3 Months)


Lighting your path, as you walk.