Most Received FAQ

Why doesn't my light turn on?

1. Please charge for at least an hour.

2. The light will be deactivated when it is bright around. Light sources shining towards Pixie's direction will interrupt its motion sensors. 

3. If there is actually a dysfunction, please contact us through the Contact Us page, providing your order number, we will send you a replacement!

How long can I use it for?

The average life time upon one charge when in normal use is 3 months. Then, just recharge!

Do I need to buy batteries?

No, we have USB charging and the wire is included! 

Where is the best place to set Pixie?

Closet, drawer, staircase, bathroom entry. Those are the usual and most helpful places! Or anywhere your grandparents walk around, they'll really appreciate Pixie! You can also just grab it and use it as a flashlight.

Is it waterproof?

Pixie was not designed to be used in water. But since it has no wires, you can put it in a ZipLoc bag.