About Us

Less = more.

Life has taken us to different places, so many friends and loved ones separated. We are now far from where we once felt safe, far from where we once enjoyed. 

When we grow older, we eventually realize that life is not superheroes and romantic dramas. We start to accept normality. Maybe it's because we are all too tired, to the point where we forgot about our dreams and fantasies. We are all too caught up in, just life.

At Pixie, we want you to feel loved.

We all need someone or something that will always be there for us. The first thing that popped into our minds was Tinkerbell. She was always there for Peter, loyal, and path lighting! Wouldn't it be awesome if we all had our own little pixie?

borns Pixie Motion. 

We didn't save the universe, or change the world. But we did make our customers feel happy, and loved. Statistics show that! This is the exact thing that we were looking for: small, subtle, nothing complex, but gives us a feeling of reliability, security, and love. 

We will keep writing our story, and we wish you the best of luck as you write yours!

-Noah G.

CEO and Founder